One day we will open tumblr

and when we go on our dashboards

there will be chaos 

there will be girls crying over their keyboards

and other girls screaming out loud because they never had a chance

and some girls will be sitting in the darkest corners of their bedroom

rocking back and fourth

listening to Emeli Sande

laughing hysterically

and then we will know

Harry and Louis came out.

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Normal people flirting: hey youre cute we should go out sometime (;
Me trying to flirt: so do you like breadsticks

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Ghost: One Shot


In the outside world, he’s gone forever, and time passes the same. But in the house that holds his spirit, time stands still, and Harry struggles to move on from the past. — Larry Stylinson One shot

A/N: So this idea just came to me, and I loved it. This is really different from what I usually write, so I’m not sure if it turned out well or not. I really stepped out of my comfort zone in this. I enjoyed  writing it though, so I hope everyone enjoys reading it!

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